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News reports translated from Indonesian language news sources.

Anti-communist propaganda film 'made with the aim of making people hate the PKI'
Kompas.com – September 23, 2017
The film Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI has again become the subject of public discussion after TNI (Indonesian military) chief General Gatot Nurmantyo proposed the idea of holding joint screenings (nobar) of the film which tells the story of the 1965 affair.

Trade union to follow TNI's lead with own screenings of New Order anti-communist film
Koran Perdjoeangan – September 23, 2017
Jakarta -- The Indonesian Metal Trade Workers Federation (FSPMI) and the Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPI) will hold joint screenings (nobar) of the film G30S/PKI on the evening of Friday September 29 at the FSPMI headquarters parking lot on Jl. Pondok Gede No 11 in East Jakarta.

TNI chief challenged to screen Jagal and Senyap, not just anti-communist propaganda film
Viva – September 20, 2017
House of Representatives (DPR) Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) faction member Eva Sundari says that TNI (Indonesian military) chief General Gatot Nurmantyo must be balance in screening the historical film about the 1965 affair.

Hard-line general admits meeting with anti-communist protesters prior to attack on 1965 seminar
Tempo – September 19, 2017
Retired Major General Kivlan Zen admits to meeting with Anti-Communist Student and Youth Alliance (Aliansi Mahasiswa dan Pemuda Anti Komunis) coordinator Rahmat Imran prior to the attack on the 1965 historical seminar at the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) offices.

Hard-line general calls for YLBHI to be closed down for 'spreading communist ideas'
CNN Indonesia – September 18, 2017
Efforts by the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) and the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation (LBH) to set history straight with regard to the alleged September 30 Movement-Indonesian Communist Party coup in 1965 are being seen by some as resurgence of communist ideas and a violation of the law.

YLBHI says attack on their offices linked to Jokowi's call to 'clobber the PKI'
Detik News – September 18, 2017
The Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) and the Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation (LBH) believe there is a link between yesterday evening's attack on the their offices and President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo statement about "clobbering the PKI". The remark is seen as prone to misuse.

LBH accuses hard-line general, anti-Ahok protest organiser of being behind seminar attack
Detik News – September 18, 2017
Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation (YLBHI) advocacy head Muhammad Isnur says that retired Major General Kivlan Zen and Presidium 313 member Rahmat Himran were behind the attack on the LBH Jakarta offices yesterday evening.

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-Latest News
Indonesia changes course, will follow some of the UN's LGBTI recommendations
Gay Star News – September 22, 2017
Indonesia has backtracked on its decision to reject 75 human rights United Nations' recommendations and will accept two regarding LGBTI issues.

Indonesia's tepid LGBT support at UN
Human Rights Watch Dispatches – September 21, 2017
This week at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Indonesia accepted two recommendations from UN member countries to improve the situation for sexual and gender minorities – a good step.

Soeharto was a great role model: TNI chief
Jakarta Post – September 20, 2017
Indonesian Military (TNI) chief Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo visited former president Soeharto's tomb in Astana Giri Bangun, Karanganyar, Central Java, on Tuesday, where he expressed great admiration of the late dictator.

Myanmar bars UN from investigating Rohingya atrocities in Rakhine
Sydney Morning Herald – September 20, 2017
Myanmar has reiterated its ban on United Nations' investigators entering the violence-wracked Rakhine state despite Aung San Suu Kyi earlier declaring her country's readiness to be "scrutinised by the international community".

People are delusional about PKI: Law and human rights minister
Jakarta Post – September 19, 2017
Law and Human Rights Minister Yasonna Laoly has urged the public to not be easily provoked by issues related to the now defunct Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) or communism movements.

Timor-Leste stuck with minority govt as Khunto withdraws
UCA News – September 19, 2017
Timor-Leste faces fresh political uncertainty after the youth focused Khunto Party pulled out of a three-way coalition two days before the Sept. 15 inauguration of the cabinet.

Jokowi should uphold justice for 1965 victims: HRW
Jakarta Post – September 19, 2017
New York-based rights group Human Rights Watch (HRW) has called on the Indonesian government to uphold justice for the victims of the 1965 massacres.

Women, elderly suffering the most from repression: Komnas Perempuan
Jakarta Post – September 19, 2017
Women and the elderly are the ones suffering the most from the growing repression of survivors of the 1965 mass killings, the National Commission on Violence Against Women (Komnas Perempuan) stated on Monday.

Mob insisted on attacking YLBHI: Police
Jakarta Post – September 19, 2017
Those who attacked the office of the Foundation of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute (YLBHI) in Central Jakarta in the wee hours of Monday morning believed the event inside the building was associated with the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI), even though the police and military representatives explained that it was only an art performance.

Indonesia cops to get more guns to fend off terrorist threat
Straits Times – September 19, 2017
Indonesia's national police plan to get 15,000 more pistols to ensure officers are armed and are able to protect themselves amid threats against them from terrorists.

-Drunken Republic
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The lighter (or darker) side of Indonesian politics.

-Red Flag
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-Statements & Press Releases
Indonesia: Stop persecution against human rights activists and victims of 1965-1966 massacre
Asian Human Rights Commission Statement – September 22, 2017
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) condemns the attacks against the right to freedom of expression, opinion and peaceful assembly that have occurred frequently over the past year in Indonesia.

Indonesia: Government must make public the 2005 fact-finding report on Munir's case
Asian Human Rights Commission Joint Statement – September 6, 2017
In commemorating the thirteen years after the killing of human rights defender Munir Said Thalib, the undersigned regional and international human rights organizations call on the Indonesian President Joko Widodo to take decisive and concrete action to ensure those responsible are brought to justice.

Indonesia: Stop raids on homes of 'suspected lesbians'
Human Rights Watch Statement – September 6, 2017
The Indonesian government should urgently investigate the September 2, 2017 police raid on the homes of 12 "suspected lesbians," Human Rights Watch said today. The raid and ensuing forced evictions violate the rights to privacy, non-discrimination and basic due process.

Kiwi workers stand with West Papua
Union.org Media Release – September 4, 2017
Unions representing 320,000 Kiwi workers have strongly endorsed the right of the people of West Papua to self-determination. The call comes as Pacific Island heads of state meet in Apia for the annual Pacific Island Forum Leaders Meeting.

Significant progress in Timor Sea negotiations
Timor Sea Justice Campaign Media Release – September 2, 2017
In what has been described as a "breakthrough" by the two governments, Australia and East Timor have reached an agreement for the framework of a new treaty that will finally set permanent maritime boundaries between the two countries.

Call for Pacific Island Forum leaders to take action on West Papua
West Papua Action Auckland Media Release – August 30, 2017
West Papua Action Auckland calls on Pacific Island Forum leaders to take action on West Papua next week.

Open letter to Pacific Islands Forum leaders re West Papua
Australia West Papua Association (Sydney) Media Release – August 29, 2017
AWPA has written an open letter to the PIF leaders.

Indonesia: Stop unlawful deprivation of liberty against Indigenous Papuans
Asian Human Rights Commission Statement – August 21, 2017
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) condemns the unlawful deprivation of liberty of Papuans which has occurred frequently of late.

Indonesia: Serious violations of human rights in Papua should be investigated
Asian Human Rights Commission Statement – August 17, 2017
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) urges the Indonesian Authorities to ensure that cases of human rights violations that occurred in Papua must be investigated properly, under fair trial principles and the Rule of Law.

Indonesia: At least 60 killed as police shootings of drug suspects skyrocket
Amnesty International Statement – August 16, 2017
The number of police killings of suspected drug dealers has skyrocketed in Indonesia this year, an alarming rise which signals that authorities could be looking to emulate the murderous "war on drugs" in neighbouring Philippines, Amnesty International said today.

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Indonesia: The road to solidarity, Indonesia June 2017
The Cloudland Collective – August 28, 2017
In June 2017 labour historian and activist Jeff Rickertt visited Indonesia with Bob Carnegie, Queensland state secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia. Here is an expanded version of an article Jeff wrote about the trip for the Queensland MUA's Branch.

Indonesia: Distinguishing piety and fundamentalism in Indonesian Muslims
New Mandala – August 17, 2017
Much existing commentary on supposed conservative trends in Indonesian Islam, either in media or opinion pieces, tends to forget the distinction between identity and behaviour.

East Timor: In Timor-Leste, more power-sharing likely but election hard to pick
Asia Pacific Report – July 20, 2017
Twenty-one parties will contest 65 parliamentary seats and decide who governs Timor-Leste in national elections this Saturday.

Indonesia: Constitutional Court lets local governments off the leash
Indonesia at Melbourne – July 4, 2017
Decentralisation reforms enacted following the fall of Soeharto gave local governments unprecedented powers to govern their own affairs, including by issuing bylaws, commonly called perda (peraturan daerah).

Indonesia: Identity politics: mobilising religious sentiment in democratic Indonesia
Indonesia at Melbourne – June 14, 2017
More than any other previous Indonesian election, the 2017 Jakarta gubernatorial election saw candidates playing with identity politics to attract votes.

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-Earlier this week
For Indonesian women, feminist zines are a powerful rebellion
Broadly Vice – September 19, 2017
Though feminism isn't new to Indonesia, the country has witnessed a growing number of groups fighting for gender equality over the last decade. In the age of social media, zines have simultaneously seen a comeback as a preferred medium of expression and communication in some feminist and DIY communities.

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi defends the indefensible
Sydney Morning Herald – September 19, 2017
Aung San Suu Kyi has blown her chance to condemn the worst episode of ethnic cleansing the world has seen in decades.

Indonesia's only transgender Islamic school quietly running again
Voice of America – September 18, 2017
Indonesia's only Islamic school for transgender people closed with much drama in February 2016 after it came under fire by a local hardline Muslim group. The school's closure was one of the darkest points in a larger anti-LGBT hysteria that seized Indonesia in 2016, with its effects still reverberating.

Indonesia's dangerous 'anti-communist' paranoia
Human Rights Watch Dispatches – September 18, 2017
The fear of communists is alive and well in Indonesia. On Monday a violent mob of hundreds of "anti-communists" attacked the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute's offices, after false reports claimed it was hosting a meeting of the long-outlawed Communist Party of Indonesia.

Fake news about communism in Indonesia blamed for triggering riot in Jakarta
Sydney Morning Herald – September 18, 2017
Fake news about Indonesia's omnipresent bogeyman – communism – has been blamed for riots in Central Jakarta that injured five police officers and damaged vehicles in the early hours of Monday morning.

Lawmakers want discussion on 1965 purge banned
Jakarta Post – September 18, 2017
Several lawmakers are calling for a total ban on discussion pertaining to the 1965 communist purge to prevent friction in society following a mob attack on the Foundation of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute (YLBHI) in Jakarta on Monday morning.

'Fake PKI news' behind anti-communist chaos: LBH-YLBHI
Jakarta Post – September 18, 2017
The gathering of hundreds of protesters at the headquarters of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute Foundation (YLBHI), which eventually culminated in a clash between protesters and the police guarding the office, is believed to have been triggered by viral fake news referring to the long-disbanded Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).

Government advised to resolve 1965 case after mob attack on YLBHI
Jakarta Post – September 18, 2017
The mob attack on the Foundation of the Indonesian Legal Aid Institute (YLBHI) is a reminder of the need to reconcile perpetrators and victims of the 1965 communist purge, the nation's rights body has said.

Probe urged into police's move to break up LBH discussion
Jakarta Post – September 18, 2017
Thirty pro-democracy groups in Yogyakarta have urged the National Police to take action against officers that broke up a public discussion on the 1965 communist purge at the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute (LBH Jakarta) in Central Jakarta.

Army to hold screenings of PKI movie
Jakarta Post – September 17, 2017
The Army has instructed its personnel to hold screenings of the propaganda film Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI (Betrayal of the Communists) on Sept. 30.

Perpres detailing military involvement in counterterrorism needed: Lawmaker
Jakarta Post – September 16, 2017
Muhammad Syafii, the chairman of the DPR committee on the deliberation of the 2003 Counterterrorism Law's draft revision, said that President Widodo should issue a presidential regulation (Perpres) that details the Indonesian Military's (TNI) role in counterterrorism operations.

East Timor swears in new prime minister
Agence France Presse – September 15, 2017
East Timor swore in a new government Friday, led by a returning prime minister who experts say will need to wean the country off its reliance on oil revenues and diversify the economy.

Journalist faces defamation probe over Indonesia's treatment of West Papua posting
Asia Pacific Report – September 15, 2017
Indonesian police in East Java are investigating a veteran journalist for comparing former President Megawati Sukarnoputri to Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi in a Facebook post.

Fadli Zon could lose position after asking KPK to halt Setya investigation
Jakarta Post – September 15, 2017
Gerindra Party politician Fadli Zon may have to give up his position as a House of Representatives deputy speaker following his controversial decision to ask the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to suspend the criminal investigation into Setya Novanto.

Indonesia removes job notice barring LGBT people, saying gays have 'mental illness'
Pink News – September 14, 2017
The Indonesian Attorney General has rescinded a job notice which banned LGBT people. The widely condemned job notice had also said that gay men have a "mental illness".

Indonesia's Attorney General rejects LGBT discrimination
Human Rights Watch Dispatches – September 14, 2017
Indonesia's Attorney General's Office announced this week that it had rescinded a job notice that not only barred lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) applicants, but suggested homosexuality was a "mental illness."

Apia confrontation highlights sensitivity over West Papua
Radio New Zealand International – September 14, 2017
A confrontation between media and Indonesian officials in Samoa last week has highlighted the depth of feelings in the region about West Papua.

NasDem politician detained over 'blasphemous' Facebook post
Jakarta Post – September 14, 2017
A NasDem Party councilor in Tanjungjabung Barat regency in Jambi province has been detained on charges of inciting hostility toward Muslims after writing a Facebook post deemed to be blasphemous.

In flood-prone Jakarta, will 'giant sea wall' plan sink or swim?
Reuters – September 14, 2017
Indonesia's bustling capital, Jakarta, is sinking faster than any other city in the world. But an ambitious plan to build a giant wall to keep out the encroaching sea has come under fire from fishermen who fear for their catches and homes, and water experts who say it doesn't do enough to tackle land subsidence.

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