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-Latest News
Villagers flee fighting, hide in forest in Indonesia's Papua
Reuters – December 16, 2018
At least 300 villagers are hiding in a forest in Indonesia's Papua province on Friday after they fled fighting between soldiers and separatists who killed a group of workers building a bridge in the area this month.

More persecution against LGBTI in Indonesia as election nears
The Global Post – December 15, 2018
At her age of 51, Yuni Shara has to worry about her safety in Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world, all because she is transgender.

Indonesian military to take over construction in Papua
Radio New Zealand International – December 14, 2018
Indonesia's military will take over construction of a massive infrastructure project in Papua after a massacre of workers earlier this month.

Lion Air to foot bill for new search for Flight 610 voice recorder
ABC News – December 14, 2018
In a rare move, Lion Air has agreed to foot the bill for a new, more advanced search to find the cockpit voice recorder from its 737 Max-8 plane that crashed in Indonesia in October, killing 189 people.

Hard times ahead for a politically divided Timor-Leste
East Asia Forum – December 13, 2018
Timor-Leste started the year in political chaos and ended it with a return to the confrontational politics of the past.

Environmentalists win Yap Thiam Hien award
Jakarta Post – December 13, 2018
Environmental activist Eva Bande and a local group from Central Java, Sedulur Sikep, have won the prestigious human rights Yap Thiam Hien award for their roles in agrarian conflicts.

-Red Flag
Red Flag is the fortnightly newspaper of the Australian socialist organisation Socialist Alternative. More >>

-Statements & Press Releases
Cut military ties to Indonesia and demand justice for West Papua's murdered children
West Papua Action Auckland Media Release – December 10, 2018
West Papua Action Auckland is calling on the New Zealand Government to cut all military ties to the Indonesian security forces. Violence cannot solve the problems in West Papua.

Indonesia: Papuan militants kill 17
Human Rights Watch News Release – December 9, 2018
Indonesian police should investigate a Papuan armed group's killing of at least 17 people, including a soldier, at a construction area in Nduga in Papua's densely forested Central Highlands on December 2, 2018, Human Rights Watch said today.

Military sweep in Nduga Regency-local villagers flee
Australia West Papua Association (Sydney) Media Release – December 9, 2018
In response to the latest shooting in the Yall District, Nduga Regency, in West Papua, the Indonesian security forces are undertaking a military operation to find those deemed responsible

Increasing tension in West Papua
Australian West Papua Association (Sydney) Media Release – December 6, 2018
In response to the latest shooting in the Yall District, Nduga Regency, in West Papua, the Indonesian security forces are preparing to undertake a military operation to find those deemed responsible.

Foreign Minister called to act on arrests of peaceful demonstrators across Indonesia
West Papua Action Auckland Press Release – December 2, 2018
On 1 December peaceful demonstrations for West Papua's freedom in many centres were met with a harsh crackdown by Indonesian security forces.

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News, in-depth reports and analysis focusing on political developments in the Asia Pacific region.

Indonesia: Trade unions' initiative to create alternative political force in Indonesia
ISEAS Perspectives – August 10, 2018
Five trade union confederations organised a conference in April 2018 that brought together like-minded progressive trade unions, non-government organisations, student activists and political groups, to push for an alternative political force which would be independent of the two major power blocs led by President Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto.

Indonesia: How corrupt elections fuel the sell-off of Indonesia's natural resources
Mongabay – June 7, 2018
In June this year, elections will take place in 171 districts, provinces and municipalities across Indonesia. On paper, millions of citizens in the world's third-largest democracy will be afforded the right to select leaders with extensive powers over their everyday lives.

Indonesia: Democracy in Indonesia: A progress report
The Foreign Service Journal – May 1, 2018
With a population of more than 260 million and an economy that ranks tenth in the world, Indonesia appears destined to be one of the major international players of the 21st century.

Indonesia: Indonesian domestic helpers on sex abuse, slavery-like conditions they endure working overseas
The Star Online – April 8, 2018
Ernawati made great sacrifices for the well-being of her family. She was married at 14 to a man six years her senior and became the breadwinner two years later, when she first travelled to Saudi Arabia, to work as a domestic helper.

Indonesia: The Muslim Cyber Army: what is it and what does it want?
Indonesia at Melbourne – March 20, 2018
On 1 March, the Indonesian National Police announced the arrest of 14 members of the so-called Muslim Cyber Army (MCA) network for defamation, spreading hoax news and hate speech. Although the name might be familiar to most social media and internet users in Indonesia, it remains a nebulous and poorly understood network.

More >>

Max Lane’s Blog – Commentary and analysis on the history, contemporary politics and culture of Indonesian and its relationships with Australia and the world.

-Earlier this week
Court orders revision of minimum age for women to marry
Jakarta Post – December 13, 2018
In a decision that may pave the way for the elimination of rampant child marriage in Indonesia, the Constitutional Court ruled on Thursday that the 16 years old minimum age requirement for women to marry, as stipulated in the 1974 Marriage Law, was unconstitutional.

Indonesia rejects West Papua demands as troops hunt separatists
SBS News – December 12, 2018
Indonesia has rejected renewed West Papuan separatists' demands for independence and the deployment of United Nations peacekeepers as the death toll mounts after almost two weeks of fighting in the Papuan province.

Indonesia's broadcasting commission calls on TV stations to pull racy K-pop ad
Straits Times – December 12, 2018
The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission has clamped down on a television advertisement featuring a Korean female pop group "singing and dancing while wearing little clothing".

I'm worried law might not protect me, says UGM student
Jakarta Post – December 12, 2018
Agni, a pseudonym used by a female Gadjah Mada University (UGM) student who was allegedly raped by a fellow student last year, has reportedly refused to report her alleged rapist to the police. She is worried that the law might not protect her.

Jokowi skips Human Rights Day event amid criticism
Jakarta Post – December 11, 2018
President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo decided to skip an event commemorating International Human Rights Day on Tuesday amid criticism the incumbent is not doing enough to resolve past human rights abuse cases.

Aceh whips men for sharia-banned gambling
Agence France Presse – December 11, 2018
A group of men caught gambling were publicly whipped in Indonesia's conservative Muslim province of Aceh on Tuesday as a crowd of onlookers cheered.

Separatists in Indonesia's Papua reject surrender, demand referendum
Straits Times – December 11, 2018
Separatist rebels in Indonesia's Papua province who killed a group of workers building a bridge this month have rejected government calls to surrender and instead demanded a referendum to decide the future of the area.

Papuans arrested for marking Human Rights Day
Radio New Zealand International – December 11, 2018
Reports from Indonesia indicated as many as 90 Papuans were taken in by police in Timika after holding a public event to support human rights. A lawyer representing Papuans, Veronica Koman, said another 41 were arrested in Merauke.

Human Rights Watch calls for end to killings in Papua
Radio New Zealand International – December 11, 2018
Human Rights Watch is calling on Papuan militants to stop unlawful killings, after a massacre of Indonesians took place in the Highlands region.

Indonesia not resolving grievances in Papua – UN
Radio New Zealand International – December 10, 2018
The bodies of 16 people were retrieved from the Highlands region last week, after a group of Indonesian construction workers were massacred. The West Papua Liberation Army, which has claimed responsibility for the killings, has claimed the workers were Indonesian military in disguise.

UN official defends West Papuan rights – free speech, peaceful assembly
Asia Pacific Report – December 10, 2018
West Papuan rights to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly have been defended by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in a response to the mass arrests of Papuan protesters during flag raising ceremonies earlier this month.

More deaths as Indonesia hunts Papuan Liberation Army
Radio New Zealand International – December 10, 2018
Four civillians have reportedly been killed in Papua province as Indonesian security forces continue their pursuit of the West Papua Liberation Army. The Liberation Army claimed responsibility for killing as many as 31 Indonesians, mainly road construction workers, earlier this month in the Highlands region.

Massacre a sign of increased trouble in Papua
The Strategist – December 10, 2018
The Indonesian government's long and difficult task of developing Papua just got a lot harder after Free Papua Movement (OPM) rebels slaughtered at least 16 construction workers who were building a 4,320-kilometre highway that will bring migrants into the once-remote Central Highlands in greater numbers than ever before.

Tolerant city survey for 2018 ranks Jakarta near the bottom, Bekasi one of the best
Coconuts Jakarta – December 10, 2018
an Indonesia-based NGO that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom and human rights issues – releases their Tolerant Cities Index ranking 94 of Indonesia's major cities based on a number of factors measuring their tolerance towards protected groups.

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