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News reports translated from Indonesian language news sources.

Rights Commissioner questions why UN mission still not allowed into Papua
CNN Indonesia – June 19, 2018
The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Raad Al Hussein, has questioned the invitation from the Indonesian government to visit West Papua which has still not been realised.

Five West Papuans allegedly arrested by new military counter-terrorism unit
Tabloid JUBI – June 13, 2018
Five civilians in Timika have allegedly been arrested by the newly reactivated military counter-terrorism unit for aspiring to West Papuan independence.

Rights body expresses reservations about National Reconciliation Council plan
Detik News – June 8, 2018
The National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM) met with President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo today. During the meeting, Widodo asked for input related to the formation of a National Reconciliation Council (DKN) to resolve past human rights cases.

Government to form National Reconciliation Council to resolve human rights violations
Detik News – June 5, 2018
The government is planning to form a National Reconciliation Council (DKN). Coordinating Minister for Security, Politics and Legal Affairs, Wiranto, has already invited a number of national figures to meet and discuss the DKN's mission.

Attorney General says whoever is president it will be difficult to try past human right cases
KBR – June 1, 2018
Attorney General Muhammad Prasetyo is pessimistic about the chances of resolving past gross human rights violations through legal channels. Prasetyo's justification for this is that investigations into these cases are often hampered by the inadequate investigations by Komnas HAM.

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-Latest News
Activists hold long march to commemorate 17 years of Wasior human rights violation
Tabloid JUBI – June 19, 2018
Dozens of human rights activists, the families of victims, and human rights partisans held a protest to commemorate human right violation in Wasior 2011 by holding a long march in Manokwari on Thursday (13/05/2018).

East Timor names former president as prime minister
Sydney Morning Herald – June 19, 2018
Former East Timor president and revolutionary leader Taur Matan Ruak has been announced as the country's new Prime Minister five weeks after the Alliance of Progress and Change coalition won a majority of 43 in the nation's 65 seat legislature.

Pornography charges dropped against Indonesian cleric Rizieq Shihab
ABC News – June 18, 2018
Police have dropped pornography charges against hardline Indonesian cleric Rizieq Shihab after failing to find the person who uploaded the images. Rizieq, the leader of Indonesia's Islamic Defenders Front, has been in exile in Saudi Arabia since being charged in May last year.

Police drop pornography case against Rizieq Shihab
Jakarta Globe – June 18, 2018
Police have ended their pornography investigation against firebrand Islamic cleric Rizieq Shihab, citing a lack of evidence. Rizieq, who built his reputation as a promoter of a strict interpretation of Islam, was seen gaining more political influence among those opposing President Widodo.

TNI personnel attacked in Puncak Jaya
Jakarta Post – June 18, 2018
Five members of the Indonesian Military (TNI) were wounded in two attacks by unidentified gunmen in Papua on Saturday. The shootings occurred in the Puncak Jaya area when the soldiers were on patrol in Yambi, news agency Antara reported.

Religious harmony shown on Idul Fitri in Semarang, Malang
Jakarta Post – June 15, 2018
Semarang Archbishop Robertus Rubiyatmoko and four other Catholic priests visited the Central Java Grand Mosque on Friday to convey Idul Fitri greetings to the ulemas and to the Muslim faithful.

-Drunken Republic
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The lighter (or darker) side of Indonesian politics.

-Red Flag
Red Flag is the fortnightly newspaper of the Australian socialist organisation Socialist Alternative. More >>

-Statements & Press Releases
Indonesia: Newly amended anti-terror law threatens to undermine human rights
Amnesty International New Release – May 25, 2018
Reacting to the decision of the House of Representatives on Friday to pass into law the revision of the anti-terrorism bill, Amnesty International Indonesia executive director Usman Hamid said:

Indonesia: Summary executions recurring with impunity
Asian Legal Resource Centre Press Release – May 25, 2018
A Written Submission to the 38th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council by the Asian Legal Resource Centre.

Indonesia: Terrorist attacks need immediate evaluation of Anti-Terror System
Asian Human Rights Commission Statement – May 14, 2018
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) strongly condemns the terrorist attacks and suicide bombings which occurred in several churches in Surabaya, East Java Province.

Abandon the fake trade unions, build an alternative political force
SEDAR – May 1, 2018
Today, we will again take to the streets and join the momentum of International Labour Day or May Day 2018. The history of May Day is rooted in the working classes' fight for an eight hour working day.

After 20 years of reformasi, we have yet to win genuine freedom, equality and prosperity
KOMITMEN May Day Statement – May 1, 2018
May 1 is symbolic of our struggle against the tyranny of capital and employers who oppress the working class. And today, we from KOMITMEN, the May 1 Committee for Freedom, Equality and Prosperity, along with the workers of the world are commemorating International Labour Day or May Day.

Joint declaration of the Indonesian People's Movement Conference
Arah Juang – April 29, 2018
On April 19-20, representatives from some 42 organisations gathered in Jakarta to take part in the People's Movement Conference (KGR).

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News, in-depth reports and analysis focusing on political developments in the Asia Pacific region.

Indonesia: How corrupt elections fuel the sell-off of Indonesia's natural resources
Mongabay – June 7, 2018
In June this year, elections will take place in 171 districts, provinces and municipalities across Indonesia. On paper, millions of citizens in the world's third-largest democracy will be afforded the right to select leaders with extensive powers over their everyday lives.

Indonesia: Democracy in Indonesia: A progress report
The Foreign Service Journal – May 1, 2018
With a population of more than 260 million and an economy that ranks tenth in the world, Indonesia appears destined to be one of the major international players of the 21st century.

Indonesia: Indonesian domestic helpers on sex abuse, slavery-like conditions they endure working overseas
The Star Online – April 8, 2018
Ernawati made great sacrifices for the well-being of her family. She was married at 14 to a man six years her senior and became the breadwinner two years later, when she first travelled to Saudi Arabia, to work as a domestic helper.

Indonesia: The Muslim Cyber Army: what is it and what does it want?
Indonesia at Melbourne – March 20, 2018
On 1 March, the Indonesian National Police announced the arrest of 14 members of the so-called Muslim Cyber Army (MCA) network for defamation, spreading hoax news and hate speech. Although the name might be familiar to most social media and internet users in Indonesia, it remains a nebulous and poorly understood network.

Indonesia: Indonesia's minority report
New Mandala – February 14, 2018
Late last month, The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) issued its 2017 Democracy Index report. In what was a grim year worldwide for five broad categories of democratic indicators – electoral process and pluralism, functioning of government, political participation, democratic political culture, and civil liberties – the worst performing country was Indonesia.

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Max Lane’s Blog – Commentary and analysis on the history, contemporary politics and culture of Indonesian and its relationships with Australia and the world.

-Earlier this week
Kontras urges Jokowi to resolve Wasior incident 17 years ago in Papua
Jakarta Post – June 14, 2018
The Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) urged President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo to take concrete steps to resolve alleged gross human rights violations in Wasior, Papua, on Wednesday, the 17th anniversary of the incident.

TItiek Soeharto: Family agrees to support Partai Berkarya
Tempo – June 14, 2018
Siti Hediati Hariadi, also known as Titiek Soeharto, said that children of former Indonesian President Soeharto have agreed to support in growing Partai Berkarya, which was established by Soeharto's son Hutama Mandala Putra, also known as Tommy Soeharto.

MUI asks for Eid day preach to be without practical politics
Tempo – June 13, 2018
Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council Maruf Amin appealed to the preachers who will deliver the preaching on Eid Day 1439H to avoid practical politics content.

Green co-leader slams human rights 'obscenity' over West Papua
Asia Pacific Report – June 12, 2018
Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson last night condemned the "obscenity" of jailing West Papuans by Indonesian authorities for raising their Morning Star flag of independence.

Fruit and veg off the menu for Indonesian girls as myths fuel malnutrition
Reuters – June 12, 2018
From fears that eating chicken wings makes it hard to find a husband to beliefs that pineapple jeopardises fertility, a host of food taboos are fuelling malnutrition among Indonesian girls, experts said as they launched an adolescent health drive.

Titiek Soeharto leaves Golkar, joins Tommy at Berkarya
Jakarta Post – June 11, 2018
Siti Hediati Herijadi, better known as Titiek Soeharto, the second daughter of former president Soeharto, declared on Monday her withdrawal from the Golkar Party.

New hub reflects NZ grassroots support for West Papua
Radio New Zealand International – June 11, 2018
A growing grassroots solidarity network has prompted the establishment of a West Papua Desk in New Zealand. The desk was officially opened this evening in Auckland by Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson and fellow MP Golriz Ghahraman.

Press to monitor new terrorism law
Jakarta Post – June 11, 2018
The newly enacted Terrorism Law has raised concerns among the press, as it has much broadened definitions that hark back to the legal ambiguity of the authoritarian New Order regime.

Shame on British and French governments for inviting Thai Dictator to London and Paris!
Ugly Truth Thailand – June 10, 2018
In a few days' time Generalissimo Prayut, head of the Thai military junta, will be wined and dined by the British and French governments in London and Paris. This is a disgrace!!

Is Widodo just paying pre-election lip service to human rights?
South China Morning Post – June 8, 2018
While she was a student at University of Indonesia, Raisa Widiastari began volunteering with the Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence, a big national NGO dedicated to raising awareness for the victims of human rights abuses.

Indonesia backpedals on accountability for past atrocities
Human Rights Watch Dispatches – June 8, 2018
The Indonesian government is backing away from commitments to provide accountability for grave past human rights abuses. Attorney General Prasetyo dismissed a report on past rights abuses compiled by the Human Rights Commission and submitted to his office as "opinions and assumptions."

Indonesia's LGBT crackdown
The Interpreter – June 8, 2018
Last month, Indonesia's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community was buoyed by a decision to remove the phrase "same-sex" from the article on fornication in the proposed Criminal Code (KUHP) bill, amid a raft of contentious legal changes that have sparked much debate.

PKS dismisses rumors of subordination to FPI leader Rizieq Shihab
Tempo – June 8, 2018
Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) senior politician Hidayat Nur Wahid has shrugged off accusations that his party had become a subordinate to Islamic Defenders Front leader Rizieq Shihab following the establishment of a coalition dubbed "the ummah alliance."

Democratic Party refuses to join Rizieq-initiated coalition
Tempo – June 7, 2018
Democratic Party central board (DPP) chairman Ferdinand Hutahaean stated his organization declined to join a coalition initiated by Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) leader Rizieq Shihab.

Despite presidential instruction, addressing past human rights abuses still a challenge
Jakarta Globe – June 7, 2018
Just when the government seemed ready to take responsibility for resolving cases of past human right abuses and despite a commitment by President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo to this effect, a statement by the attorney general indicated that there may still be some tough challenges ahead.

Government to snoop students' social media accounts to 'curb radicalism'
Jakarta Post – June 7, 2018
The government plans to monitor the activity of college students on social media as part of efforts to prevent the spread of radical ideologies, a minister has said.

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