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Anti-vaccine hoax features photo of famous porn star as doctor, becomes butt of jokes

Coconuts Jakarta - January 11, 2018

The anti-vaccine movement in Indonesia is unfortunately all too real, blamed for being one of the biggest factors behind the deadly outbreak of diphtheria in the country that has killed dozens since late last year.

Anti-vaxxers in Indonesia often cite religious reasons for refusing vaccines, believing in and spreading hoaxes such as a pernicious one about vaccines containing traces of pig DNA, making them forbidden in Islam. But there are other kinds of conspiracy theories being spread to turn people against vaccinations as well, such as this one that was first posted in June of last year but which has recently become the subject of much online mockery.

The caption of the post summarizes the content of the article it links to, saying that an American doctor named Dr Bernard Mahfoudz is completely against vaccines as he believes that they lower people's drive. If vaccines were to be given to people fighting in a war, then their fighting spirit would diminish in a short time.

Beyond the lack of any actual scientific evidence to back that up and the fact that the article was posted on a Blogspot page, keen-eyed netizens recently figured out who Dr Bernard is.

What they learned is that, first, Dr. Bernard doesn't actually exist, and second, the photo said to be him is actually that of famous American porn star Johnny Sins.

In case you're sin-free from porn, Sins achieved meme stardom a while back as "the most talented man in the world", as his role in porn movies include him playing a cop, a teacher, and you guessed it a doctor, among other roles.

This guy's reaction to the hoax probably sums up how most people feel about it:

I have to share oxygen with people who believe this kind of information. pic.twitter.com/vs5Eq9BDYh Dennis Adishwara (@OmDennis) January 9, 2018

Our favorite piss take on the hoax though has got to be Twitter thread by Victor Kamang (a well known satirist on social media in Indonesia), who gave hilarious context to screenshots from Johnny Sins' numerous porn scenes, weaving them into a story detailing his amazing journey from anti-vaccine medical professional to the rest of his incredible career.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/anti-vaccine-hoax-indonesia-features-photo-famous-porn-star-johnny-sins-doctor-becomes-butt-jokes/.

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