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Revised criminal code will impact human rights in Indonesia

Jakarta Globe - February 23, 2018

Sheany, Jakarta The finalization of the current draft revisions to the criminal code, or KUHP, will have a serious impact on human rights in the archipelago, Usman Hamid, executive director of Amnesty International Indonesia, warned on Thursday (22/02).

"There has not been an indication that any of the political parties [at the House of Representatives] will call off the revisions, so there's a big chance it will be passed. When that happens, there are four negative possibilities toward human rights," Usman told reporters at a press conference in Jakarta.

The impacts include discriminatory local regulations at the provincial level, rising discriminatory speech or expression, increased imprisonment and persecution.

"[The revised criminal code] will provoke a reaction from groups that were behind hate-filled politics in the country, in which they will start their own vigilante acts," Usman said.

He expressed hope that the draft revisions will not be passed, and said that the central government must step in to revoke it.

"There hasn't been one political party that has objected to the substance of the draft revisions of the criminal code, whether in the name of protecting press freedom or minority rights, or on other articles in the draft that's considered problematic," Usman noted.

If the revisions were to pass, Usman said they must not be implemented, although he added that such a situation will be challenging.

Fajrimei A. Gofar, a deputy from the Office of Presidential Staff (KSP), acknowledged that there are notable lapses in the current revisions and said his office is keeping a close watch of the ongoing revisions.

"KSP is keeping a close watch on these revisions, especially to avoid this from becoming a bad legacy of the current administration," Fajrimei said.

Source: http://jakartaglobe.id/news/revised-criminal-code-will-impact-human-rights-indonesia/.

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