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Hoax, SARA better political tools than money politics

Tempo - March 10, 2018

Vindry Florentin, Jakarta Lingkar Madani (Lima) director Ray Rangkuti said that the most effective tool to win an election is to spread hoaxes and exploit issues on ethnic, religious, racial and societal group (SARA).

Based on several polls, Ray reasons that the influence of money politics within society has eroded down to 30 percent.

"So, if we give money to 10 people, there would only be three of them who vote," said Ray in a discussion held at Bakoel Koffie in Cikini on Friday, March 9.

He further explained that voters can no longer be convinced by the vision and mission of a political party since the promises political parties offer are all too similar. He even said that candidates would often forget the vision they promised once they are in a position of power.

This is caused a new strategy to arise during an election, "both SARA issues and hoax are a seriously perfect combination," Ray satirized. He exampled Jakarta's 2017 Gubernatorial Election.

Ray argues that this strategy is often used by groups of people who dislike the essence of democracy but intend to rule through a democratic process.

He reasons that this specific strategy can lead to the downfall of democracy, and are made worse by Indonesia's illiterate population. "Unfortunately, not only are the people illiterate.

There are a growing number of people with low critical thinking ability," said Ray. He said that the situation is made worse by well-educated people that are still deceived by hoaxes and even share them.

Ray also thinks that the lack of effort from political parties to suppress hoax news and SARA issues in politics is a major contributor.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/news/2018/03/10/055916496/Hoax-SARA-Better-Political-Tools-than-Money-Politics.

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