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Much work still needs to be done on human rights, Jokowi admits

Tempo - December 10, 2017

Antara, Jakarta President Joko Widodo admitted that much work to be done by the government to uphold human rights.

"I realize there are still a lot of big work to uphold human rights that we need to undertake," President Joko Widodo said in Solo on Sunday(10/12) while attending the 69th world's Human Rights Day.

Several cases of human rights violation are left unsolved including 1982-1985 mysterious shooting, 1997-1998 abduction, May 1998 Riot, Trisakti, Semanggi I, and Semanggi II and others.

"This requires joint force between central government, local government, and all societal components to uphold human rights justice, we uphold social justice to all people of Indonesia," President stated.

President also highly appreciates great effort from all parties who have given real contribution to uphold the principles of human rights in Indonesia, and also lauds governors, mayors, and regents who develop human rights cities and regions with the insights of human rights.

In addition, President also expressed his gratitude to Human Rights National Commission and human rights activists.

In the event, President also handed out awards to provinces, regencies, and cities that Law and Human Rights Ministry assessed and ranked to have human rights awareness that include Central Java Province, Bangka Belitung Province, West Sulawesi Province, Tapin Regency, SangiheIslands Regency, Surakarta, Gunung Sitoli, and Bekasi.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/news/2017/12/10/055913978/Much-Work-Still-Needs-to-be-Done-on-Human-Rights-Jokowi-Admits.

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