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Timor oil deal may open door for Darwin refinery
NT News – April 12, 2017
Darwin will be used as a logistic hub for a Queensland company which has signed a landmark onshore oil and gas deal in East Timor. The deal may also open the door for Darwin to establish an oil refinery.

New directions but no generational change in Timor-Leste
International Affairs. March 29, 2017
Last week, Francisco Guterres became Timor-Leste's first party-affiliated president. While the election broke new ground structurally and procedurally, the office of president is still firmly in the hands of the 1975 generation of resistance leaders.

The girl who was 'stolen' by a soldier
BBC News. March 26, 2017
When she was only five years old, Isabelina Pinto was taken from her family by an Indonesian soldier. She was one of thousands of children taken to Indonesia during its brutal 30-year occupation of East Timor.

Tough times continue for people of East Timor
WA Today. March 24, 2017
When invading Indonesian troops parachuted into Dili in 1975 Filomena Gomes fled into East Timor's cloud-shrouded mountains and for four years scrounged food and cooked for guerrilla fighters.

Francisco 'Lu-Olo' Guterres on track to win East Timor presidential election
Sydney Morning Herald. March 21, 2017
A veteran guerrilla commander is heading for a decisive victory in East Timor's presidential elections and is expected to be sworn in as the country's next head of state in May.

East Timor's democracy put to the test
Crikey Insider. March 20, 2017
East Timor goes to the polls on today to elect a new president. After this small and still impoverished country's profoundly troubled history, the election should, happily, be relatively unproblematic.

Timor-Leste presidential election: revolutionary hero v new generation
The Guardian. March 20, 2017
A former revolutionary hero is expected to become Timor-Leste's next president as voters head to the polls in the country's first election since the departure of United Nations peacekeepers in 2012.

Timor-Leste elections: Citizens head to polls to cast vote for president to 'speak for the people'
ABC Radio Australia. March 20, 2017
The people of Timor-Leste head to the polls today to elect a new president, with former guerrilla fighter Francisco "Lu'Olo" Guterres widely tipped to out-poll seven other candidates.

East Timor presidential election tests old heroes Gusmao and Alkatiri – The Australian. March 20, 2017
East Timorese voters go to the polls today to elect their fourth president since Independence, in a contest shaping up as a referendum on whether the tiny nation is ready to move on from its freedom-struggle narrative and focus on the economic struggle ahead.

Long queues as East Timorese choose to have a say in future of Asia's newest democracy
Melbourne Age. March 20, 2017
They rode ponies, steered boats and walked for kilometres along cloud-shrouded mountain paths to vote in East Timor's presidential election on Monday.

News reports and articles on East Timor are archived in the East Timor News Digests.

-Statements & Press Releases
Joint statement by the governments of Timor-Leste and Australia and the Conciliation Commission Constituted Pursuant to Annex V of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
January 9, 2017
Australia and Timor-Leste are engaged in the ongoing Conciliation under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. The purpose of this process is to resolve the differences between the two States over maritime boundaries in the Timor Sea.

Timor Sea Justice Campaign welcomes decision to terminate Timor Sea Treaty 2006
Timor Sea Justice Campaign (TSJC) – January 9, 2017
The treaty signed in 2006 was not negotiated in good faith and existed in contradiction to international maritime law. It carved up oil and gas resources in the Timor Sea that should exist entirely within Timor's territory, robbing the small nation of billions of dollars in future revenue.

ETAN urges justice for victims of the Santa Cruz massacre on 25th anniversary
East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) – November 11, 2016
On the 25th anniversary of the Santa Cruz massacre, the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN) urges the international community to commit to ending impunity for the human rights crimes committed during the occupation of Timor-Leste.

Two journalists on trial for defamation
Amnesty International Urgent Action – October 12, 2016
Two Timorese journalists, Raimundos Oki and Lourenco Vicente Martins, are facing trial on criminal defamation charges filed by Timor-Leste's Prime Minister over a 2015 article they published about irregularities during the tendering process for a government IT project. If found guilty they may be sentenced to three years' imprisonment each.

'We do not agree with the statement of Julie Bishop'
Timor-Leste Universities Movement (MUTL) Press Conference – September 26, 2016
"We do not agree with the statement of Julie Bishop, Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, that "the Compulsory Conciliation Commission does not have jurisdiction to apply a decision on the delimitation of the Maritime Boundary"

Fair go for Timor
Timor Sea Justice Campaign – September 3, 2016
The East Timorese people have long held a special place in Australian hearts. Now, they need a hand to secure what is rightfully theirs and to secure their future prosperity.

Timor-Lest: IFJ condemns defamation charges against two journalists
International Federation of Jurists Statement – August 24, 2016
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) this Monday asked the Prime Minister of Timor-Lest to stop defamation charges against two Timor Post journalists and to immediately release them.

Asean civil society to propose a campaign on Timor Sea issue for Timor-Leste's full sovereignty

  • ACSC/APF Press Release – August 1, 2016

  • Participants of ASEAN Peoples' Forum (APF) have stated their commitment and supports of a fair settlement for the Timorese peoples' unfinished struggle to achieve their full sovereignty as the newest country in South East Asia. ASEAN civil society pledged to propose a campaign on the Timor Sea issue, so that the Timorese people could achieve their full sovereignty.

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    -ASIET Publications

    Fighting together - Indonesians and East Timorese join in struggle

    First published in March 1996, this dossier details the December 7, 1995 embassy occupations in Jakarta by Indonesian and East Timorese activists. It includes previously unreleased press reports, statements and chronologies and interviews with participants produced at the time the actions were being carried out.
    The Maubere people's struggle for independence
    First published in July 1995, this dossier contains letters and a speech by East Timorese as well as position papers by Indonesians campaigning for self-determination in East Timor.
    Xanana Gusmao: "Action is worth more than a million letters"
    First published in June 1996, this pamphlet carries the full text of an interview by John Pilger with Xanana Gusmao from his prison cell in Jakarta. The introduction includes previously un-released material from personal correspondence with Xanana.

    -ASIET Videos

    Indonesia: One Struggle One Change

      Indonesia: One Struggle One Change examins how teh current economic crisis has created the greatest opportunity for change Indonesians have seen in years. One Change is a comprehensive 30-minute documentary shot in Indonesia and East Timor in 1997.  The documentary captures the current political climate through the voices of those long silenced.  Pro-democracy advocates, East Timorese, labour organisers, students, and workers speak out about life under the boot of the Indonesian regime.

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