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Timor Sea Justice Campaign welcomes decision to terminate Timor Sea Treaty 2006

Timor Sea Justice Campaign (TSJC) - January 9, 2017

The Timor Sea Justice Campaign has welcomed the joint decision by the Australian and Timor Governments to abolish the 2006 Timor Sea Treaty.

The treaty signed in 2006 was not negotiated in good faith and existed in contradiction to international maritime law. It carved up oil and gas resources in the Timor Sea that should exist entirely within Timor's territory, robbing the small nation of billions of dollars in future revenue.

The decision to terminate the treaty in the next three months represents a victory for fair play and positive relationships in the region. It is a significant decision for the fledgling nation of Timor Leste, who will be assured greater economic security with a permanent maritime boundary.

The Timor Sea Justice Campaign calls on the Foreign Minister to renegotiate a permanent maritime boundary in good faith with Timor Leste that provides a fair solution to the dispute. Most importantly, the Foreign Minister needs to consider the future prosperity of one of our closest and poorest neighbours during the negotiations.

Quotes attributable to Campaign Coordinator Ella Fabry:

"Australia has not behaved in a fair and just way towards Timor over the last 15 years. This is the first step in righting the wrongs of the past."

"Timor holds a special place in the hearts of the Australian people. The public will be looking for an outcome from these negotiations that restores Timor's right to their fair share of resources and ensures the future prosperity of our near neighbour."

Further Enquiries: Ella Fabry, Campaign Coordinator
ella@timorseajustice.com 0447 392 412

Source: http://www.timorseajustice.com/timor-sea-justice-campaign-news/timor-sea-justice-campaign-welcomes-decision-to-terminate-timor-sea-treaty-2006.

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