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Defense Minister warns students against threat of 'liberalism, communism, socialism and radicalism'

Jakarta Greater - August 4, 2017

Depok – Defense Minister Ryamizard Ryacudu has warned young people about the very real danger of drugs and the threat against the state ideology of Pancasila that could threaten the integrity and survival of the nation.

The minister said this while giving a public lecture titled "State Defense and National Character Development to Create an Integrated Nation" to thousands of new University of Indonesia (UI) students undergoing orientation activities (KAMABA UI) on Friday August 4.

In his lecture, Ryacudu also invited the student to make a joint commitment to defend, develop and realise Indonesia's national ideals.

These threats and challenges, said Ryacudu, are in the form of an ideological attack which is attempting to destroy the "mindset" and identity of the Indonesian nation through the influence of materialist foreign ideology and lifestyles.

According to the minister these materialistic ideologies that have been identified and have potential to threaten the integrity of Pancasila ideology are liberalism, communism, socialism and religious radicalism.

Ryacudu again warned the students that the most effective strategy in confronting the influence of these materialist ideologies is by emphasising actualisation and purification in the implementation of Pancasila values as the basis of the ideological strength of the nation and the state through a state defence awareness program.

"Pancasila ideology is the only ideology in the world based on the philosophy of idealism", said the minister.

Ryacudu invited the students to join in confronting this phenomenon by taking part in a state defense strategy that he has designed.

This uniquely Indonesian defense strategy that has been developed is based on the strength of idealism and inner feelings which is defined as a "smart power" defense strategy, namely a defense strategy that is actively defensive in character and represents a combination of "soft power" on the outside and preparations for "hard power" through a universal people's defense system.

Ryacudu said that this concept of Total Struggle (Permesta) emphasises the principal power of spiritual strength and national identity through implanting of values and awareness of state defense.

State defense awareness is a proven method that is very effective and reliable in warding off all threats against the unity and integrity of the Indonesian nation and state.

[Slightly abridged translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service. The original title of the article was Menhan Ingatkan Ancaman Terhadap Ideologi Pancasila.]

Source: https://jakartagreater.com/menhan-ingatkan-ancaman-terhadap-ideologi-pancasila/.

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