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Islamic party PKS supports army's efforts to strengthen public vigilance against communism

RMOL - September 17, 2017

Wahyu Sabda Kuncahyo – The Islamic based Justice and Prosperity Party (PKS) supports increasing public vigilance against latent communism which is being demonstrated by the public's interest in organising joint screenings around the country of the G30S/PKI film.

At the very least the TNI AD (Army) has joined in by ordering all of its officers in the regions to hold joint film screenings (nobar) of the Treachery of the September 30 Movement/Indonesian Communist Party film in the lead up to Pancasila Sanctity Day on October 1.

"I very much appreciate and support these joint film screenings, especially the TNI AD officers who will hold joint screenings of the G30S/PKI film and invite broader society to take part in watching it. This shows the unity of the TNI with the people to jointly increase vigilance against communism and the PKI", Jazuli Juwaini, the head of the PKS faction in the House of Representatives (DPR), explained to journalists on Sunday September 17.

In concert with this, the PKS will also organise joint film screenings. Furthermore, the PKS factions from Regional House of Representatives (DPRD) in all provinces, regencies and municipalities will organise joint screenings of the film on September 30.

"As the head of the faction I have instructed all provincial and municipal DPRD factions to hold joint screenings of the G30S/PKI film by inviting as many people as possible to attend and provide adequate venues and infrastructure as needed", explained Juwaini.

Juwaini added that joint film screenings of the G30S/PKI film are an effective means of reminding the public, particularly the younger generation, about the importance of safeguarding the state ideology of Pancasila and the bonds of nationalism from the dangers of communism and its ilk.

"The main aim of this is to build and strengthen nationalism particularly among the younger generation and impart to them the heavy burden of putting their lives on the line to defend the republic", said Juwaini.

Juwaini hopes that through the joint film screenings, which tell the story of the PKI's dark history, it will strengthen the younger generation's spirit and patriotism to safeguard the national and state ideology from the threat of evil acts as was carried out by the PKI in the past.

"We all of course welcome these efforts because armed with a strong sense of nationalism this nation will be protected and stand strong", concluded Juwaini. (wah)


In September 1998, the government dropped the requirement for all TV stations to broadcast the film "Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI" (The Betrayal of the September 30 Movement/Indonesian Communist Party), a dramatisation of the New Order's version of the events surrounding the alleged communist coup in 1965. The film, one of the most effective pieces of propaganda produced by the Suharto dictatorship, had been a compulsory program for all stations every September 30 since its release in 1984.

[Translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service. The original title of the article was Fraksi PKS Gelar Nobar Film G30S/PKI.]

Source: http://politik.rmol.co/read/2017/09/17/307441/Fraksi-PKS-Gelar-Nobar-Film-G30S/PKI-.

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