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Why is the Thai junta paranoid about pictures and news of king Wachiralongkorn?
Ugly Truth Thailand. April 16, 2017
The Thai junta has warned that anyone who follows, contacts, or shares posts online with three prominent critics will be prosecuted under the Computer Crimes Act.

Thailand instructs citizens to stop following three critics online
Sydney Morning Herald – April 13, 2017
Thailand's military government has banned its citizens contacting or sharing social media posts from three outspoken critics living outside of the country.

Reminder: Junta's constitution pushes democracy back indefinitely
Ugly Truth Thailand – April 9, 2017
The new military constitution was drawn up by gangsters and thugs in uniform, who murdered pro-democracy demonstrators and used violence to stage military coups and pervert the democratic process.

Thailand king signs constitution paving way for poll
BBC News – April 6, 2017
The king of Thailand has signed a new constitution that paves the way for a return to democracy but still gives the army an influential role in politics.

'Biggest insurgent attack in years' in Thai south wounds 12 police
Reuters – April 3, 2017
Insurgents fired hundreds of shots into a police booth in restive southern Thailand on Monday, wounding 12 officers in what police called the biggest such attack in years.

'Populism' a middle-class insult against working people
Ugly Truth Thailand – April 2, 2017
A lot of people use the term "populism" to describe a certain kind of politics in the world today, especially what is called "right-wing populism", which is used to label fascist parties in Europe, UKIP in Britain and Donald Trump in the United States.

Soldiers murder young Lahu activist in cold blood
Ugly Truth Thailand – March 26, 2017
On the 17th March soldiers in Chiang Mai shot down Chaiyapoom Pasae, a 17 year old Lahu activist. The killing was committed in cold blood.

Junta's rubber-stamp parliament is a feeding trough for the generals
Ugly Truth Thailand – March 19, 2017
Many may rightly wonder why the Thai military junta ever appointed its so-called "parliament" which merely goes through the motions of deliberating national issues and then rubber-stamps the junta's laws.

Thai-style Kangaroo Court Injustice
Ugly Truth Thailand – March 12, 2017
According to the daily newspaper Khao Sod, the Appeals Court recently announced its decision to uphold the death sentences for two migrant Burmese workers convicted of a brutal rape and double homicide on island of Ko Tao.

What do the royalist really want?
Ugly Truth Thailand – March 5, 2017
In recent times we have seen anti-democracy mobsters roaming the streets of Bangkok demanding "True Democracy under the power of the King".

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