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UN/Australia must act NOW to stop bloodbath in East Timor!

Australian Democratic Socialist Party Statement - September 6, 1999

The Democratic Socialist Party calls on all supporters of democracy to mobilise to demand that the Australian government insist that the United Nations authorise the immediate dispatch of Australian troops to East Timor.

The task of these troops must be to assist the East Timorese resistance forces to stop the current bloodbath being organised by the Indonesian armed forces (TNI) and police (Polri).This can only be achieved through the disarming of the pro-Jakarta terror gangs.

In addition, these troops must supervise the rapid withdrawal of all Indonesian military and police personnel from East Timor so as to enable the East Timorese to take full control of their nation's affairs.

All East Timorese national liberation forces have called for immediate UN-authorised military intervention in East Timor to stop the TNI/Polri-organised bloodbath.

If the United Nations Security Council continues to argue that an international military force cannot be sent to East Timor without the Indonesian government's agreement, then the Australian government should act unilaterally and send its armed forces into East Timor to end the TNI/Polri-organised terror campaign.

The argument that the UN cannot authorise the sending of an armed security force to East Timor without the Indonesian government's approval is utterly hypocritical since the UN has never recognised Indonesia's claim of sovereignty over East Timor.

In the August 30 ballot the overwhelming majority of the East Timorese nation, in the face of a massive campaign of intimidation by TNI/Polri-directed terror gangs ("pro-integration militias"), clearly expressed their desire for independence from the Indonesian state.

Prime Minister Howard and Foreign Minister Downer also make the argument that Australian military forces cannot be sent to help the East Timorese people halt the TNI/Polri's campaign terror and mass murder without Jakarta's (that is, without the Indonesian military's) prior agreement.

This stance is simply the continuation of the policy that Australian governments, both Labor and Liberal, have had for 24 years of sacrificing the democratic rights of the East Timorese people to collaboration with the Indonesian military. That is why they refuse to break off Australia's ties with the Indonesian military (including immediately ending the training of TNI officers).

The aim of this policy is to maintain a "secure environment" for Australian big business in both Indonesia and East Timor. Howard and Downer know that maintaining Indonesia as a "secure environment" for big business requires maintaining the TNI/Polri's dictatorial control over Indonesia's improvised population.

They are therefore unwilling to take any action that will politically weaken the Indonesian military, even if these means that tens of thousands of East Timorese are murdered by the TNI/Polri and its East Timorese puppet gangs.

Stop the bloodbath in East Timor!
Disarm the pro-Jakarta terror gangs!
Indonesian troops/police out now!
UN/Australian troops into East Timor NOW!
Break all military ties with Indonesia!
Recognise the independence of East Timor!

Source: http://www.labournet.net/world/9909/timor2.html.

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