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Narcotics agency chief says calls to legalisation marijuana a 'betrayal of the country'

Kumparan - April 6, 2017

National Narcotics Agency (BNN) chief Commissioner General Budi Waseso or Buwas is furious with movements that want marijuana legalised saying that such a call is the same as betraying the nation.

"We must resolutely confront people such as this, this isn't a game. How is it possible that [there are] citizens that want to destroy their own country, this is a betrayal of the country", said Waseso in a special interview with Kumparan (kumparan.com) on Thursday April 6.

A clearly furious Waseso said that those who want to legalise marijuana should get out of Indonesia. "To people such as this, I say just leave Indonesia, get out! Or just join a narcotics network so I'm free to take action", he said candidly.

According to Waseso, the emergence of a wave of opinion wanting to legalise marijuana is one of the ways the drug networks work.

"This is the way the networks work, paralyzing the security forces, weakening the security forces. [And] in the end destroying a whole generation. This is an extraordinary evil plan to destroy a whole generation", said Waseso.

He also said there would be no opportunities given to any party to justify the misuse of narcotics.

"I well know the problem of narcotics in this country. These people only think about personal or group interests, they don't side with the country", added Waseso.

[Translated by James Balowski for the Indoleft News Service. The original title of the report was "Komjen Buwas: Mereka yang Minta Ganja Dilegalkan Mengkhianati Negara".]

Source: https://m.kumparan.com/indra-subagja/komjen-buwas-mereka-yang-minta-ganja-dilegalkan-mengkhianati-negara.

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