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Dita Sari: Jailed for daring to struggle


"Dita Indah Sari: Jailed for daring to struggle" was prepared by ASIET (Action in Solidarity with Indonesia and East Timor)  in co-operation with the People's Democratic Party. Published and distributed jointly by ASIET (Australia), IndonesiaAlert! (US) and GDPI (Netherlands).

First Printing December 1997. Editing, design and layout by James Balowski, Edwin Gozal, Jill Hickson and Janet Parker.

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ASIET National Secretariat PO Box 458, Broadway, NSW 2007 Australia.

United States

IndonesiaAlert! Kurt Biddle and Malik Miah, 1880 Jackson St. #301, Oakland, CA 94612. E-mail: Kurt Biddle or Malik Miah.


GDPI (Supporting Movement for Democracy in Indonesia), Van Woustraat 114, Amsterdam LS, Netherlands.

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