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There is only one word - RESIST!

There is only one word - RESIST! is a 30 minute documentary which provides a background to the explosive political and social conditions inside Suharto's Indonesia.

It examines developments in the Indonesian pro-democracy movement, in particular the emergence of the Peoples Democratic Party (PRD), which was banned and forced underground following the July 27, 1996 riots in Jakarta.

The video features an exclusive interview with jailed activist Dita Sari president of the independent trade union, the Indonesian Centre for Labour Struggle and a leading member of the PRD. Dita and others were arrested at the 200,000 strong workers demonstration from 10 factories in the industrial city of Surabaya. The interview was obtained when PRD members smuggled a video camera into prison.

Also interviewed is arrested PRD member, Jainal, who tells of his torture at the hands of the military and other underground members of the PRD who talk about the crackdown and systematic hunting down of members. A total of fifteen PRD members have now been sentenced to long jail terms for "subversion".

Strikes and demonstrations continue to defy Suharto's brutal crackdown and demanding better working and living conditions, an end to the military rule and the repeal of laws which restrict basic democratic rights.

The documentary also includes footage of the July 27, 1996 military attack on pro- democracy supporters demonstrating at the Indonesian Democratic Party headquarters where many people were killed and wounded. The incident sparked a full- scale riot in which many were bashed and arrested.

This documentary is sponsored by:

  • The People's Democratic Party
  • Action in Soldarity with Indonesia and East Timor
  • Actively Radical TV - a community based TV group
  • Art Resistance Video Production House
  • Produced and directed by Jill Hickson

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